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How you could accumulate capital...

  1. A speculator starts with HK$80,000 (~US$10,000) of capital.
  2. He can buy one Hang Seng Index futures contract (HSIF Contract), which requires a HK$80,000 margin.
  3. Using his unique trading strategy, he makes a profit of HK$3,000 a day or HK$60,000 a month (HK$3,000 x 20 days). That HK$60,000 profit is represented by a silver coin.
  4. In Month #01, he gains a silver coin.
  5. In Month #02, he gains another silver coin.
  6. At the end of Month #02, he has accumulated HK$200,000 (two silver coins + his initial capital) in his account.
  7. In Month #03, he buys two futures contracts that bring him two more silver coins.
  8. At the end of Month #03, he has HK$320,000 (two extra silver coins + HK$200,000 from previous month) in his account.
  9. In Month #04, he can buy four futures contracts and he gains four silver coins.
  10. In Month #05, he can buy seven futures contracts.
  11. In Month #06, he can buy 10 futures contracts.



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